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Asentria Core Solutions are specific tailored product and feature combinations for the following general equipment monitoring needs. Click on the sidebar to the left for more information on these specific solutions.

I/O Management (RTU) - Traditional RTU applications involve monitoring and alarming on varions analog and digital inputs and controlled digital (relay) outputs. Asentria has a wide selection of products and options which fit into this category.

SNMP Integration - Most centralized monitoring tools are SNMP based. Asentria products allow you to integrate sensors, legacy systems and other non-SNMP factors into your SNMP management architecture. If you need SNMP Integration, you've come to the right place!

Secure Remote IP Access - What if you need IP access to remote devices and management consoles but your network cannot get you there? Asentria provides wireless connectivity, port forwarding, special serial terminal server capabilities and other features design to give you Secure IP Access so you can get the job done.

Protocol Conversion - Converting protocols such as MODBUS to SNMP is the primary solution in this category, although other protocols can be implemented via scripting capabilities

Power Monitoring & Control - If it has to do with remote site power monitoring, we can do it. Whether AC, DC, Generators, Fuel Level, Solar, or Battery Monitoring, we have a solution for you.

Site Security - When is your remote site being accessed and who is accessing it? These are questions Asentria products can answer for you, with sensors, cameras, and RFID access controllers.

Environmental Monitoring - Environmental issues are your remote site's worst threat. Heat, cold, smoke, water and many other issues can take your site down and cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Get immediate notification of environmental changes and save your site and your reputation.

DC Power Control - :Power Cycling (remote reboot) and Load Shedding (intelligent power control) are two features offered by some Asentria products. Monitoring and control of your DC power to devices gives you increased remote support capability and increased utilization of batteries in emergency situations.

Antenna Control - AISG Antenna Control via Asentria products allows digital remote control and monitoring so you can to dynamically optimize the network based on changing coverage requirements. In particular, Antenna Control allows the implementation of a remote electric tilt (RET) device for the antenna.

PBX Management - Remote collection and alarming from PBX Systems allows for IT departments and services providers to analyze call volumes and react to alarm situations immediately instead of when customers complain or the monthly bill comes in.

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