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This is an orientation article covering what Asentria does in the field of Environmental Monitoring and basically how we do it. For a list of articles in this wiki which are relevant to the subject of Environmental Monitoring, click this button: Environmental Monitoring Related Documents

Asentria units are capable of monitoring and managing a variety of environmental related issues at remote communication sites, such as BTS, eNodeB’s, or microwave sites. Asentria has many possible combinations of solutions that can be created from our standard product offering to monitor temperature, humidity, smoke, water, airflow, and more direct monitoring of HVAC equipment.

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Smoke
  • Water
  • Airflow
  • HVAC

(This article is still a work in progress....)

Environmental Monitoring Related Documents

Documents related to the specific topics above will be being added to this area on a continual basis. We will be announcing additions of any kind, including additions to this portal area, via our Twitter feed. Follow us on Twitter!

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