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This is an orientation article covering what Asentria does in the field of Power Monitoring and basically how we do it. For a list of articles in this wiki which are relevant to the subject of Power Monitoring, click this button: Power Monitoring Related Documents

Asentria units are capable of monitoring and managing a variety of power related issues at remote communication sites, such as BTS, eNodeB’s, or microwave sites. A SiteBoss can monitor all the items in the power chain at a remote site including the AC grid power to the site, rectifiers/batteries, back-up generators, and potentially newer solar or other hybrid power types. Asentria offers a variety of tools to manage power at your remote communication sites.

  • Diesel Fuel Monitoring
  • Liquid Petroleum Gas Monitoring
  • Fuel Cell Monitoring
  • Generator Management
  • AC Main Monitoring
  • Battery Monitoring
  • Cooling Efficiency

(This article is still a work in progress....)

Power Monitoring Related Documents

Documents related to the specific topics above will be being added to this area on a continual basis. We will be announcing additions of any kind, including additions to this portal area, via our Twitter feed. Follow us on Twitter!

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