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This is an orientation article covering what Asentria does in the field of SNMP Integration and basically how we do it. For a list of articles in this wiki which are relevant to the subject of SNMP Integration, click this button: SNMP Integration Related Documents

SNMP Integration refers to adapting things into an SNMP Management System which are not natively SNMP enabled. Since Asentria products have very strong SNMP Features, much of what these products do could fall into the category of SNMP Integration. Specific features in this category include:

  • SNMP Sensor MIB
  • SNMP Poll Network Elements - Polling other SNMP enabled devices OID values.
  • SNMP Set to Network Elements - Doing an SNMP Set command to other SNMP enabled devices.
  • SNMP Trap Capture - Receiving traps from other SNMP enabled devices.
  • Proxy Non-SNMP Devices - Converting data from other non-SNMP devices and representing it as either a value in or MIB or by sending a trap.

(This article is still a work in progress....)

SNMP Integration Related Documents

Documents related to the specific topics above will be being added to this area on a continual basis. We will be announcing additions of any kind, including additions to this portal area, via our Twitter feed. Follow us on Twitter!

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